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The original version of Breakout for Atari in 1976 was ...

Play music on your keyboard, and play it back! Use the...

DJ Fest
Play as DJ Fest and make some noise!!

Guitar Geek
Rock your way from the garage to the arena as you aim t...

QTE Sisyphus
A simple, straightforward game about memory, patterns, ...

Musa Music Match (M3)
Musa Winx power is Music; do you have music powers? Try...

Winx Club Just Musa
Just Musa is 8 Jigsaw puzzles and 4 new featured puzzle...

Zodiac Reactor
Capture Elemental Particles in order to power the Zodia...

Garbage Grab
Grab and fill the trash , have 6 level have to be done

Baby drummer
Baby drummers playing music concert.

Piano simulator.

One Wheel Frenzy
This-is-madness! Mighty gravity force pulling you down ...

Oddball Olympics!
Get those finger tapping skills ready! Go and race on...

World Defence
Tower Circle Defence Defend The Earth

Skullrun is crazy skull full 3D Rhythm game in which yo...

Left Right March
Check if you are a good soldier, marching in correct ti...

Rhythm game! Famous classic music! 5 songs!

Afterburner Highway
The highway is packed but luckily your afterburners are...

Alphabet Soup
Collect every Letter in this fast paced action game. Ge...

This is an evil aspect of the era. Please pick up your ...

Avoid obstacles in a zero-gravitation envionment.

A simple text timing game for


Ball Separation
Separate the balls onto two sides.

Master Shifu
Arrange the puzzle pieces into a series that form an im...

Brain Power 2!
Test your brain power! memory puzzle game.

Forearm Workout
Mash keys very quickly for as long as possible. It actu...

How fast are you on the keyboard?

Crazy Train
A really crazy slithering train that's going to give u ...

Ultimate Pong Fighters 2
It's round two in the exciting new game from 3Quarter-A...

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